October’s State of the Blog

The first week of grad school kind of threw me for a loop. Publishing has occupied my mind quite a bit recently, and I haven’t thought of a writing discussion to post because of it. Further, I’ve had way more reading assigned than I expected, so I haven’t been able to read a book for my Monday book review (but I’ve started Range of Ghosts by Elizabeth Bear, and intend to review it later this month). And finally, I made another (daily) commitment for the month of October that eats into the time I have to blog. So, for the sake of posting something fairly quick, accessible, and pertinent, here’s a rundown of my blog plans for October.

Writing Discussions

  • Read your way to better writing
  • A study on dialogue
  • Incorporating the five senses into your writing
  • Experimenting with a daily writing schedule

Book Reviews

  • Range of Ghosts – Elizabeth Bear
  • The Crying Tree – Naseem Rakha
  • An as-of-yet undecided Ooligan Press title
  • City of Weird – an anthology


  • Ooligan Press’s conference, Write to Publish
  • Portland in the Fall
  • Ebooks vs. Print Books
  • My Everything Hurts (or, a discussion on daily workouts)

Those are the posts I’d like to publish this month. Of course, nothing is set in stone; if I have to read an entire textbook over the course of a week for class, for example, I might not be able to review one of the books above. That said, I want to be upfront with my posting schedule and stick to it as much as possible. A public schedule, even one as flexible as this, could lend me some extra motivation. I appreciate your patience as I sort through my new school schedule and fully adjust to the demands of my classes. In a few weeks, I should return to my thrice-weekly postings.

If you have any suggestions or requests for a blog post, or want to direct me towards a good book, leave a comment or send me a message! Thanks everyone. See you soon!



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